Jesus' mission is our mission. This mission is to invite non-Christians to convert to God.

Good morning, as mentioned and introduced by father Luke and father Carl from The vocations Office working with the bishop to promote and to increase the vocations in our diocese, also in our Parish. Every time some parishioners would ask me: oh Father, you're coming from The Bishop's office, are you here to spy on us? I'm just here to thank you for your help and support to our seminarians and also to be prayer partners with our Bishop, and with our priests, with Father Anthony, to promote increased avocations in our parishes, specially the vocation to the priesthood and religious life. But more so, the vocation in the family. to really promote in our family, the vocation to prayer, the calling to prayer, and the calling of Jesus. Especially in our mission as baptized in the church.

In my visits to the Holy Land, one of my most memorable times and experiences was spent in Galilee which is the setting of Our Gospel this Sunday. Have you been to Holy Land? Anyone here has been to the Holy Land, raise your hand. Nice, Galilee is nice, the Saint Peter's fish, Capernaum, a lot of things going on there. Galley was a border City with fertile land and the Sea. It's really perfect for good trade and economics. A place where people from different walks of life would go visit and trade. Gentles and Jews alike would come together for economic and political reasons. This is why Jesus started his full-time Ministry there and chose his first apostles or disciples to be ‘Fishers of men and women’. It was a perfect place for him to do his ministry. But that Ministry was not an easy mission. It's business. Immigration patrons could be overwhelming, but you see, for Jesus it was a marketing opportunity, or should we say an opportunity for the Ministry that is to fulfill his mission. This mission is in his call for In Our Gospel today: "repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand" repentance means the change of heart, metanoia, conversion to Open Hearts of people for the mercy and goodness of God.

Just like today, our modern world is also diverse, and many times overwhelming. Throw in the issues on immigration, morality, equality, sexuality, family life, economics, War, diversity of opinions and cultures, even the culture of death. No wonder Pope Francis always reminds us to share the joy of the Gospel. Not only in places of our comfort zones, but more so in situations, in places, that are overwhelmingly challenging and diverse. Jesus wants to meet people where they are. And for here in Fremont and Saint Joseph's, that's what Jesus said. How do we meet people here in Saint Joseph? How do they feel welcome? How do we pray for each other? How do we serve one another? How to become a healing presence of Jesus for one another?

Talking about the calling of Our Lord, you know I was 12 years old when I entered the Seminary. And Garrett over there, our seminarian, you know he was in the Navy for some years and also became a bouncer. So Garrett is our Bulldog, The Bishop's bulldog. And so I don't know where Fr. Luke is. But you know God calls us in our different experiences right. But before I was ordained as a priest, the Bishop, ignorant if you Remember, asked me what parish or place I wanted or preferred to go and serve? I said to him: Bishop, send me to a parish where you need me most. Especially parishes that is diverse and busy. After my second year as a priest, I got sick due to a heart condition. And so I requested for a smaller Parish and a mission, small Mission and English only place. Instead, they sent me to Immaculate Heart of Mary in Brentwood California this year. It is one of the biggest Parishes in the diocese. A majority of the parishioners then were Hispanics. So be careful what you wish for.

But it was a good thing and a blessing. My pastor's father Jerry Brown, not the governor, was a former registered nurse. He took good care of me, of my health, and my health improved. And now I'm playing basketball every Wednesday in Holy Spirit with Father Ken. I hoped I could invite Father Anthony, but he plays soccer. I heard, and I have improved my Spanish a lot. Now I can be sent to any Parish in the diocese, and I am confident with God's help that I can be of service to many. Thus as your vocation director, I made it a point with the guidance of our Bishop, that our seminarians that you help and support. And those being prepared to be priests in our diocese are trained and formed in diverse communities and situations. Especially with emphasis on immigration, the poor, and those who are in need of healing.

It is evident that the mission of Jesus is for all. The invitation and call to conversion and salvation is for all. As Christians and followers of our Lord Jesus, we are called to share in this Mission. The mission first to repentance, to change of heart, to conversion, and to Proclaim that the kingdom of God is with us. We just celebrated Christmas. And you know the theme of Christmas is Emmanuel, God is with us. But do you believe that God is with us? Amen, you know that's why you're here today. I hope to let the world know that God is alive, that God is good, and I hope that's what they feel when guests or strangers visit Saint Joseph. If it's their first time here, they will feel you, know God's present. Especially with your beautiful old church the Mission Church. When I always go and visit. I always feel a wow beautiful church. and it really leads me to pray right away. What a beautiful environment. You know of a small church, but really you know leading us to prayer and to really feel God's presence.

In his house, in his home, we are called by Jesus like Peter and the other disciples to be Fishers of men and women, to be men and women for others, to be Disciples of Our Lord of his mercy and goodness, to bring more Hearts to Jesus, to be wounded healers, to be his hands and his feet. And that's why in our church we keep on asking for more priests, more nuns. I know it's difficult in this world right now. Especially with many destructions in the world, but I invite and encourage young people who are here today, to open your heart for God's calling. The call that I received and responded to when I was 12 years old. The call that Garrett, our seminarian, and father Luke responded when they were having a good time wherever they were. I know you should listen to Father Luke's testimony; he had a good time when he was in college. But again God will meet us wherever we are. do not be afraid, and for those who are here, who are married, that's a good vocation. Lead your family to prayer, especially our children. Because in prayer, hearts are open to respond to God's call. The question is just like the disciples and Jesus, who were called to those uncomfortable situations and challenging times. Are you ready also and willing to be sent to places, situations that are not easy? are you willing to follow Jesus even outside your comfort zone?

Again, let me take this opportunity to thank you. For your support, for your love, for the diocese of Oakland. Especially your Bishop's appeal, especially for the Seminary collection. if not because of you helping us, I won't be here. I studied for three years for the diocese of Oakland from the Philippines. And all of them are actually scholarships. It was free. Oakland became my home where my brother and my aunties live in Union City, in Hayward. When they embraced me, I said this is my home now. And I'll dedicate my life for the diocese of Oakland, and also for our 12 seminarians. they're studying very well. they're giving their hearts to their calling to be priests. in the future, who knows? Like Father Anthony, they could be your pastor in the future. To baptize your kids, your grandchildren, celebrate marriages here for your family. And also to be there at your side before you die for anointing. Just like for me today, I have two visits for communion after the 12 o'clock mass. I'm going to visit someone who's dying, and know someone who's been sick for many months. That's a beautiful way to celebrate vocation, to rejoice that God calls us, wherever we are. And so thank you so much. I'd like to end with a simple prayer that I copied from the musical God spell. I believe that this prayer is a good help to remind us of our vocation to be Fishers of men and women in our pursuit to follow our Lord. for the mission, and for the greater glory of God,

Day by day, oh, dear lord, three things I pray: to see you more clearly, love you more dearly, and follow you more closely, day by day.

Saint Joseph, Patron parish guardian of the most holy family and protector of the reversal Church, prays for us. Amen.





談到聖召,我12歲就進了神學院。坐在那邊的加雷特修士,他曾在海軍服役過幾年,也當過保鏢。所以他的外號是鬥牛犬。保護主教的鬥牛犬。我不清楚坐在哪邊的路加神父是如何得到他的聖召,但我很清楚天主會以不同的方式來召喚我們每一個人。在我祝聖成神父以前,主教問我想去哪個堂區服務?我說:主教,就把我送到最需要的地方,那些多種族,並且很忙碌的地方。祝聖後的第二年,我就因心臟病、病倒了。這一次我請主教派我去一個小堂區,負責一個不重要項目,最好是只用英語就可以服務的地方。他卻把我送到 Brentwood 的無染原罪聖母堂。那是奧克蘭教區裡最大的堂區之一,大部分教友是講西班牙話的。俗話說:當你祈禱的時候,要小心你到底是許了什麼願。

儘管如此,這件事最後是個祝福。因爲本堂神父 Jerry Blown ,曾經是一名註冊的護士。他非常照顧我,使我的健康改善。現在我每週三在聖神堂和肯神父打籃球。我也邀請安東尼神父參加,可是他踢足球,不打籃球。現在有許多人說我的西班牙語進步很多,可以被派到任何一個堂區服務了。在天主的扶持下,我們都可以為人做各種服務。身為聖召辦公室主任,我想告訴你們,神父的培訓對教區的發展至關重要。你們支持教區神父的聖召,他們現在都在不同的社區,和多元的社會中接受培訓和陶鋳。我們培訓他們如何為新移民、窮人,和需要療傷的人服務。

耶穌的使命就是我們的使命。這個使命就是邀請非教友皈依天主。我們追隨主耶穌,被召教參與祂的使命。首先是要邀請人悔改,改變心態,然後宣揚天國就在這裡,帶領他皈依主耶穌。我們剛剛過了聖誕節。聖誕節的主題厄瑪奴爾,就是天主與我們同在。你是否真正相信天主與我們同在嗎?阿門。這就是你們今天來到教堂的原因。我們希望世界都認識我們活生生、良善的天主;讓所有來到聖若瑟天主堂的人都感受到天主就在這裡。正如我每次踏入古老的 Mission San Jose 教堂,總是被它的美麗所震撼,當下進入禱告,感到天主的臨在。


讓我再一次感謝你們對奧克蘭教區的愛和支持,感謝你們對神學院的捐款。如果沒有你們的幫助,我就不會在這裡。我在菲律賓為奧克蘭教區學習了三年。這三年都有獎學金的資助,是免費的,奧克蘭成了我的家。我的兄弟和姑媽住在Union City和Hayward。當他們擁抱我時,我知道這就是我的家了。我把我的一生獻給奧克蘭教區和神學院的12名修士。他們也努力學習,將他們的心獻給了神父的聖召。將來他們就會像安東尼神父一樣,成為你們的堂區神父。為你的孩子,你的孫子行洗禮,為你的家人舉行婚禮,在你死前守在你的身邊為你敷油。今天彌撒後,我會為兩個人送聖體,會去看望一位臨終的教友,及一名久病的病友。這就是慶祝聖召最美麗的方式。所以我非常感謝天主給我做神父的聖召。讓我用一篇簡短的禱告來結束今天的講道。這段禱文,我是從音樂劇《神咒》中選出來的。這個禱文提醒我們追隨主耶穌來成為漁人的漁夫。為了這使命,為了天主更大的榮耀,讓我們祈禱: