The good Lord won't make a mistake in calling you, loving you and I, and forgiving you and I. and offering you and I the best possible medicine for our problems - himself

In the second book of Samuel, the prophet tells us that: you and I, we tend to look at the appearance, but God sees deep down in the heart. Because we tend to see the appearance, we also tend to misjudge people. Only the Good Lord understands, and knows completely. I have a few friends; I remember when I was in Saint Catherine. Every day, I would see this old man standing by the wayside, smoking, and then he would step away, when the kids were getting in line and walk back to the school. I wonder what happened to this man. So I tried a few times, get to know him. I didn't like him because he smoked right in front of the kids, but I want to get to know him and see whether or not we could make friends. so, I got to know him and introduced myself as a Vietnamese. and he said, wow, you speak Vietnamese and English huh I wonder. And he confessed to me that he was a special Force member during the Vietnam war. and he felt terrible about that past. That's the reason why he stepped away from the church. his guilty content could not allow him. For three years, I tried to be his friend. I bought him food, asked him to pray for his wife, having great conversation. he in turn gave me a lot of quails. he hunted a lot of quails. he brought crab over when he fish for Dungeness crab, but never sit down with me and wanted to go to church. However, before I left after three years, he asked me to hear his confession. It's amazing. We sat right there in the middle of the road. I kid you not, we have a dead end, so we sat right there in the middle of the road. And I heard his Confession. I think that was one of the most beautiful confessions I have witnessed. His content was free, lifted, and after that, I only met him a few times when I returned.

I also have another friend, this friend of mine who was a contractor. Lost his job, used drugs, his family is a mess. Did not have enough work to really go by and provide it for his family. so, one day he carried the rosary, walking around and asking God: why Lord? Why don't you show up and help me? Immediately, the next minute, a friend of his drove by and said: Hey Joe, you want a job? I offer you a job. And that was the first instance he encountered Jesus. The next Sunday, he went to church and he met me. You know how crazy I am, sometimes at the emblem, it couldn't contain the Fire Within, so I pitch with passion. And he, I think he'd get caught by that. After the mass we introduced ourselves to one another. And he let me know he was a contractor, and he just recently encountered the good Lord as he prayed, and he wants to go back to church after many years away. Since that day, he helped me work on the church, directory, the hall, everything. He's going to help us actually fix all the peels that we have here, and help to make this place beautiful. He's a very beautiful and good Carpenter. and yesterday he called me and shared with me a story. and we walked into a store and he met this young man who looked so depressed. And he introduced himself and this man said my name is Christian. Oh you have a beautiful name, he responded, your name must be a Catholic name. and the young man confessed that. Yes, I grew up in a Catholic Family but I don't believe in the Catholic faith anymore. So this man shares his story, and how God turned him around. At the end of the conversation the young men asked for a big hug and a Bible. Fascinating isn't it?

Why am I sharing these stories with you? the reason why, because sometimes you and I don't know, just don't know how the good Lord gets in touch with our human hearts. Through you, and through me, how broken we are. Now the good Lord just lights John the Baptist, gets inspired, and points out that it is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. He is the real deal, he's the one who's supposed to be here, he's going to baptize you and I with the power and the spirit, he's the one who takes away the sins of the world. He says not me, I am only an instrument, I'm only a voice, and I’m only a finger pouring toward Christ. My friend, you and I, we have that vocation pointing our fingers toward Christ: that is the one we're supposed to worship, that is the one we're supposed to follow, that is the one we're going to take away our sins, and give us freedom of our conscience.

Let me share with you another great story that recently happened. I couldn't help myself, but I have to share this. a few weeks ago, a friend of mine called me to O'Connor's hospital to anoint their friend. I didn't know who he was. But because they're calling the parishes nearby, no priest could come because they were all on vocation. Vacation? I wonder what they do all day long over there. I am a Catholic priest, and I appreciate the Diocese of Oakland. I could not just go over there and officially visit without the letter of good standing .So I decided, all right, I'm going to come as a friend. I'm going to address it in civilian clothes. I want to come by, I want to pray for him, and if need be, I'll hear your confession.

This man, the doctor said he's going to die. The family is already panicked about his impending death. it's her only son they already discussed about whether or not to keep him on life support, or unplug him. his lung collapsed, kidneys no longer function, and for some reason, he now has blood confusion. so I came over, he saw me and he waved his hand. I realized that he knew me. And I recognized him because we have dinners a few times together. so we actually were my friend. I anointed him, gave him absolution, so I promised him next day I will come by and bring him Holy Communion, if you say yes. And he did. I give him a very small host, and we say our prayer, and we ask the good lord to bless him, and allow him to consume. And the doctor and nurse worked on him. A few days later, I got news from a friend that he is about to be discharged. The doctor did not know what happened. He completely healed and now he went back to his home as if nothing had ever happened. I don't know if the miracle or the doctor made a mistake, but I know for sure this man who left the church for more than 30 years or so, his wife left him, his family is broken in pieces. And now the good Lord has touched him, his sins have been removed, he has an opportunity to reconnect with his faith and with our Lord, and he does that occasionally.

Our Lord does that so that we could glorify our heavenly father. That he pays attention to you and to me, that he wants us to know we could count on him, we could pour our heart to him, and we could give up our sins, so that we don't care about the burden of those sins anymore. And our Lord has done just that. He's the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. If the ancient Jewish believed the blood of the animal could wipe away the sins of mankind, we believe Jesus as the Lamb of God who died on that Good Friday around exactly the same time when animals were being slaughtered, and offered to God on high. He is the Lamb of God. as the Book of Revelation says: The Wedding Banquet of the Lamb is the Mass that you and I are participating in. That's you and I are going to receive the burnt blood of Our Lord, our sins will be wiped away as much as we go to confession asking the good law for forgiveness, for the sins that we have committed. so my dear brothers and sisters, listen to John, the Baptist. He is the Lamb of God. and listen to the witnesses of those who have been forgiven, rescued, and healed by our Lord. he is here Among Us. His act asking you and I, let's look at him and Proclaim him at this mass as we always do, we say it every time, Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, blessed are those who are called to the supper of the Lamb. so my friends if we could misjudge one another, the good Lord won't make a mistake in calling you, loving you and I, and forgiving you and I. and offering you and I the best possible medicine for our problems - himself

仁慈天主的召唤是无可置疑的。主要我们彼此相爱,彼此原谅,并且提供我们一个最好的解决方案— 就是耶稣 自己。



我还有一位朋友,他是个承包商。失去了工作, 没有收入来养家糊口,又吸毒,家庭一团糟。有一天,他拿着念珠,在教堂附近祈祷,他问天主说:主祢在哪里?为什么不出来帮助我?就在下一分钟,一个朋友开车经过,对他说:嘿,乔,你想要一份工作吗?我给你一份工作。这是他第一次遇到耶稣。星期天,他去教堂参加弥撒,刚好我讲道。你们知道我讲道的时候,常常圣神充满,无法控制内心的热火。充满热情地陈述耶稣的故事。就在这时,他被圣神的火点燃了。弥撒后,我们相互作了自我介绍。他告诉我,最近在祈祷时遇到了仁慈的主,离开多年后又回到了教堂。从那天起,他帮我整修教堂、跪凳,礼堂等等的工作。也帮助我们修复所有他能解决的问题,来美化这个堂区。他是非常称职,并且有艺术眼光的木匠。昨天他打电话来与我分享。在一家店里,他遇到了一位沮丧的年轻人。他们互相自我介绍,这个人说他叫克里斯蒂。他回答说:哦,你有一个美丽的名字,一个天主教徒的名字。年轻人说:我在一个天主教家庭长大,但我不再信天主教信仰了。这位木匠立刻分享了他的故事,天主是如何使他回归父家。谈话后,这位年轻人和他做了一个大大的拥抱也向他要了一本圣经。这岂不是一个更迷人的故事吗?


现在让我与您分享最近发生的一个很动人的故事。圣神催促着我必须分享这个故事。几个星期前,一个朋友请我去奥康纳医院为他的朋友覆油。我并不认识这位生病的人。但我的朋友已经打电话给圣荷西教区,得到的回答是:没有神父可以来,因为主事的神父们都在 休假。我是一名奥克兰教区的神父。没有奥克兰教区的正式文件,是不能越区访问的。所以我说:好吧,我要以朋友的身份来解决这个问题。就去为他祈祷,如果需要的话,我会听他的吿解。



默示录中记载着:羔羊的婚宴就是弥撒。在弥撒中我们接受火炼过主的鲜血,在弥撒中我们的罪被赦免,就像吿解后得到宽恕一样。亲爱的兄弟姐妹们,请听洗者若翰在荒野中的呼喊:耶稣是天主的羔羊。也请听那些被主宽恕、拯救和医治前的见证。主就在我们中间。我们必需为主,和祂的大能作见证,这就是每次在弥撒中所做的见证:“看哪,天主的羔羊,除免世罪者,蒙召来赴圣宴的人是有福的”。朋友们,我们彼此间可能有误会,但那仁慈天主的召唤是无可置疑的。主要我们彼此相爱,彼此原谅,并且提供我们一个最好的解决方案— 就是耶稣 自己。