Pentecost Sunday - We will recognize you as Christians by what you do.
Msgr. Simas

Last Sunday, we celebrated the feast of the ascension of our lord into heaven. A fifth grader was asked what the feast of the ascension was. And he replied it is the day when Jesus started to work from home. And with today's feast of Pentecost, we celebrate the fruit of Jesus starting to work from home - Namely the sending of the Holy Spirit. It is because of this awesome gift of the Holy Spirit, that Saint Paul tells us that together we are Christ’s body, and individually parts of it. Thus did Jesus fulfill the promise that he had made to send the spirit among us.

Pentecost is often referred to as the birthday of the church. And someone rightly pointed out the original sin of the church is clericalism. And contrary to the belief of some clergy, the church is much more inclusive. I would like you to remember Saint Oscar Romero, the martyred archbishop of San Salvador in El Salvador. He was a strong voice for the poor, a voice some tried to silence. However the archbishop knew that his voice would continue to be heard among his people. Three months prior to his being assassinated as he stood at the altar presiding at mass, he said at a homily "God's best microphone is Christ, and Christ’s best microphone is the church", and then he went on to say, "And you, my dear people are the church". We are Christ’s body, are the church, and as such, we are to be the missionary presence of the risen Christ in our world of today. We are to be the advocates of God's plan of salvation. And it is the holy spirit who energizes us to fulfill our mission to serve one another, and our mission to be as Christ to each other. We will continue to do so as long as we remain faithful and responsive to the prompting of the Holy Spirit who dwells within us and gives us wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, and discernment. Gifts meant for the common good not for just any one of us but for all of us.

I would like to share with you the poignant words of Jamie l waters. Who is an associate professor of catholic studies at DePaul University in Chicago and also a contributor to America magazine. And she writes. Imagine if we face the challenges of today with wisdom, knowledge, and healing for the sake of the common good, how might we react to yet another tragic school shooting where 19 children and two teachers were murdered by assault rifles. Would we acknowledge that high-powered guns should be difficult if not impossible to acquire? Would we recognize that the Holy Spirit and anyone with sense would lead us to protect our collective right to live over our right to bear arms? But we recognize that in order to truly be pro-life. We must protect life at all stages from acts of violence.

On this Pentecost, when we commemorate the coming of the Holy Spirit, let us pray that we truly listen to the spirit. Living, working, and legislating for the common good. Recognizing the distress of his friends, Jesus promised that although he would physically leave the earth, the Holy Spirit whom he would send would sustain them. And I suggest that we take the Holy Spirit at it. Do we take our lord that has had his word? As the Holy Spirit sustained Jesus' friends, certainly will he sustain each one of us.

With today's feast of Pentecost, the Easter season comes to an end. However our mission to serve others to be as Christ to one another does not come to an end. It is ongoing all year round. And as we move forward, let us remember what it is that the Holy Spirit teaches. The spirit teaches us to see what the eyes of Jesus, the spirit teaches us to live as Jesus lived, And the spirit teaches us to understand life as Jesus understood it. Furthermore, the Holy Spirit who is the mutual love between God, the father and the son, reminds us that God loves us. The love we are to share with one another. And that by his grace, we can live as God's children, We can live as the body of Jesus Christ, that we truly are. Finally to you, neophytes and candidates, today is the last day you will be wearing your white robes. We will no longer recognize you as Christians by what you wear; we will recognize you as Christians by what you do. And again on behalf of our parish community, this faith community, I say to each one of you - welcome




我想與你分享 Jamie l waters 的心酸話語。她是芝加哥 DePaul 大學天主教研究副教授,也是美國雜誌的撰稿人。她寫到“讓我們想一想,如果我們以智慧、知識和治愈,並依共同利益來面對今天的挑戰,我們會如何面對再一次的學校槍擊悲劇。19 名兒童和兩名教師被突擊步槍殺害。我們是否會立法禁止擁有突擊步槍?至少使它非常難於取得。無論聖神或任何有理智的人都會保護我們集體生存的權利而不是保護攜帶武器的權利。我們意識到,要真正保護生命,就必須在所有的環節上,保護生命免於受到暴力的侵害“。