The five wounds of Jesus

If you go to the Mission Church, in the back of the Mission Church, you would see a statue of our lord Jesus. It’s called, homo, behold the man. On his head, there's a crown of thorns, a guard purple grub, and then his hands being tied. You could not recognize him; he looks awfully in bad shape and underneath that statue was the original statue, when the Mission Church was first built. Underneath, you would see a lengthy, long nail; it's a replica of the original nail that nailed Jesus on the cross.

A few years ago there was a beautiful story about Mission Church. A young woman came into the Mission Church, crying in the back of the church, and after the Mass, I went down, and I just casually said: How are you? And what happened to you?" Our conversation started. A few months after she joined RCIA she wanted to become a catholic. After experiencing a horrible abusive relationship, her boyfriend cheated on her, sold off her business. She attempted suicide a few times, she was a drug addict at the time, and she did not know where to go. She knew only one place that she could cry - the mission church. She came in and cried her heart out to God. Before she was truly truly recovered, and returned to Indonesia, her father wanted to come to the United States. The night before, he had a dream that he saw a big long nail. He did not know what it was when he came to the mission church with her. He looked at the nail and he was shocked. He told her daughter this was the nail that I saw in my dream. She came back to Indonesia, later on, became a youth minister. Now married with a kid, a very faithful devout catholic in a very very small community of faith in Indonesia.

My dear brothers and sisters, why do I share with you that story? because if you take a look at Jesus on the cross, there are five wounds. We often identify with the wounds on his head, the wounds on his hands, and the wounds on his feet, and the wounds on his heart. Five wounds total. Amazingly, as we take a look at these five wounds, and listen to the first reading today. Thanks to his wounds, we are healed, thanks to his wounds, we are healed.

How could it be possible? how could the wounds on his head, on his hands, on his feet, on his heart, could possibly heal you and i. Think about for a moment, this head, this mind of ours, sometimes just like the Pharisees, just like the Sadducees, just like Pontius Pilate, just like his disciples, conceive evil thoughts. You would applaud to kill him, we're going to reject the truth that he taught, we're going to deny him conceptually and emotionally, we don't care better to kill him than the entire nation might get hurt - the high priest proclaimed that. Better to kill that man who dared to speak about God, dare to say the things of God, and dare to say he is the son of God made man. Perhaps in today's world, we could say lies being conceived in this mind, our mind conceives so many things that distort reality. we're no longer capable of seeing who God is and who we are. we are no longer capable of fathom the truth, understand and listen to the word of God. Therefore, we need healing.

Therefore, Christ, my brothers and sisters accepted the crown of thorns so that his wounds could connect once again. Correct our mind, allow us to really conceive the thoughts of truth, conceive to reality, and conceive the idea that God is real. he thinks of us, he remembers us. he thinks of the man who was ostracized by the society, he thinks of a woman who caught on adultery, he thinks of the man possessed living in the cemetery, he thinks that the woman lost her daughter, he thinks of Lazarus and his sisters mourning for the loss of their beloved brother, he thinks of you and i. my dear brothers and sister, that's why he's asking us to truly think about it. like Paul would say. think of things that are noble, kind, and beautiful. Oh, that's how we get healed.

How about these hands? These hands are made with these beautiful hands. Notice what we could do with these hands. Sometimes these very hands will be the hands that embrace Jesus and kiss Jesus and then we drag him along, we crucified him like we crucified one another. Don't we do that at home sometimes? Then we do that out there in the marketplace, and then we do that out there in our relationships, in our own families. Then, we use these hands instead of building, we destroy. Our lord needed to demonstrate the hands that were destroyed, that hurt, will be crucified on the cross so that we could once again remember what they should be doing as our lord has done all his life.

He uses his hand to lift up a woman just about to be stoned to death, he uses his hands to touch the tongue and the eyes of those who are blind, and he’s using this hand to raise the little girl to life. So my brothers and sister, our lord uses his hands to build up a kingdom of God, to build our families, build our lives up. That's how we get healed.

Our feet. Let's be like Judas and punctual pilot or the rest of the disciples. These feet instead of running toward truth, they're running away from our fear. Just like the young man coming to Jesus and yet walking away after he asked him to share his goodness to others. They walk away from him. Just like those people who denied the truth of the Eucharistic presence. Our lord taught about - unless you and I drink and eat the blood and body of our lord, we won't have life within us. Thousand, thousand of them walk away from him. We're using these feet to run towards sins instead of running toward the truth. We’re using our feet to run toward things that are not of God. We ran away from him just like the prodigal son walked away from home.

Yet our lord allows himself to be nailed on the cross. the same feet nailed on the cross, the same feet that walked towards you and i, the same feet that walked toward the woman, the men, and all of us, who are sinners. So, my dear brothers and sisters, that is why our feet need to be healed.

The heart. The heart that's supposed to love but we harbor hatred. The heart that's supposed to have one another, but we have things instead, the hearts are supposed to fill with God's presence; we fill with something else, things of this world instead of Jesus, the one who died for us.

That's why the heart of God has to be open, to allow you and I once again, once again, to conceive that very presence of God in our life, to have one another once again. Love one another as I have loved you. Love your enemies, love your friends, and love as I loved you.

So my dear brothers and sisters, that's how our wounds are healed by the wounds of our lord . Everything we could imagine about us, saturated, and potentially filled with sins. Because we have done it with our mind, with our hands, with our feet, with our hearts, Our lord Jesus today, just like the woman came into the church, she was broken, her heart was broken, her hands were torn in pieces, her feet did not know where to go, and her mind, and her life shatter. She was healed by being there next to the good lord. to my friends, today, as we approach the cross once again, we dare to reach out to him, embrace him, as he reaches out to us on the cross wanted to embrace us all, stretching out his hands, looking to us, crying to the father "forgive them for what they know not" may God heal us all


如果你去 Mission 教堂,在 Mission 教堂的後面,你會看到一個被稱為”看那個人”的主耶穌圖像。 在這個圖像中,耶穌頭戴荊棘冠冕,身穿紫袍,雙手被捆綁,看起來很慘,幾乎認不出來。圖像底下,保存了當初建造 Mission 教堂時的原始圖像。 在那裏,有一根又大又長的釘子。這根釘子是依照耶穌被釘在十字架上的釘子畫出來的。

幾年前,Mission 教堂發生了一件美麗的故事。一個年輕的女子走進了教堂,在教堂後面哭泣。彌撒後,我到教堂的後面,問她說:”妳好嗎?妳怎麼了?“。這就開始了我們的對談。 幾個月後,她想皈依成為天主教徒,就加入了 RCIA。這位年輕的女子正在經歷一段可怕的虐待關係中。她的男友背叛了她,賣掉了她的生意。她企圖自殺了好幾次,又是個走投無路的吸毒者。她只知道有一個可以哭泣的地方,那就是 Mission 教堂。她在教堂裡向天主痛哭求救。她父親來美國看她的前一天晚上,做了一個夢,夢中見到了一個又大又長的釘子。父親和她一起到Mission 教堂來,看到了教堂後面的釘子,嚇了一跳。告訴女兒,這正是他在夢中見到的釘子。在她完全康復以前,這個女子回到印度尼西亞,在教堂裡服事帶領青年團體。她現在已經結婚了,並且生了一個兒子。在一個印度尼西亞非常小的信仰團體中服事,是一位非常虔誠的天主教徒。

親愛的兄弟姐妹們,我為什麼要和你們分享這個故事呢? 讓我們看看十字架上的耶穌,祂身上有五個傷口。 在祂頭上,雙手,腳上,和心上,共有五個傷口。 令人驚訝的是,當我們看看這五個傷口,並聽聽讀經一。依撒意亞先知書預言說“因祂受了創傷,我們便得到了痊瘉”。我們就要感激耶穌身上的傷。因為祂的聖傷,讓我們得到了治愈。

這怎麼可能呢?耶穌頭上、雙手、腳上、心上的傷口,怎麼可能治愈你和我呢?我們的腦袋。它就像法利賽人,撒度賽人,比拉多,和耶穌的門徒的腦袋一樣,常常懷有惡念。我們贊同耶穌的死,拒絕祂的教導,在思想上和情感上否認祂。我們也同意殺了祂,免得我們有可能受到現世的傷害。就像大司祭所宣稱的:“叫一個人替百姓死,是有利的” - 讓我們殺了那個敢說天主的事,敢說祂是天主子的人。在這個世俗,我們的腦袋充滿了許多扭曲的想法,我們散佈構想的謊言。我們無法看見天主,也不知道我們自己是誰。我們遠離了真理,不去聽,也聽不懂天主聖言。我們需要醫治。

因此,基督戴了荊棘的冠冕,祂的傷口醫治了我們。糾正了我們的思想。讓我們領受真理,接受事實,體驗到真實的天主。 基督心中常常思念者我們。 我們就像被社會遺棄的麻瘋病人,犯罪的女人,被魔鬼附身住在墓地裏的人,失去女兒的母親,哀悼拉匝祿的人,他的姐妹們,及失去親愛弟兄的人。耶穌心中思念著你和我。 我親愛的兄弟姐妹們,耶穌要我們仔細的反省,我們的腦袋到底應該思念什麼。保祿書信說:我們要時時思念尊貴、善良、和美好的事物。 如此,我們的腦袋就會得到醫治。+

那麼這雙手呢? 我們來看看這雙美麗的手做了些什麼。我們用這雙手來擁抱耶穌、親吻耶穌,用這雙手拖著祂走,釘祂在十字架上,也用這雙手將彼此釘在十字架上。 我們在家裡是這樣做的,在市場上也是這樣做的,與人相處也是這樣的做的。 我們不用這雙手來建造,而用它來破壞。 耶穌為了要治癒那被摧毀,受傷的手而被釘在十字架上。祂提醒我們的手應該做主一生都在做的的事情。耶穌用手救了將被石頭砸死的女人,用手撫摸盲人的舌頭和眼睛,治癒了他們,用手復活了小女孩。 兄弟姐妹們,我們的主用祂的雙手建立天國,建立家庭,成就了我們的生命。 我們就是這樣得到了醫治。

至於我們的腳。這雙腳就像猶達斯,比拉多,和耶穌門徒的腳一樣。它不奔向真理,反而因恐懼而逃避。就像那個富少年一樣,當耶穌要求他將自己的財富與人分享,他聽後就離開了。他們從耶穌身邊走開,就像那些否認聖體的人一樣。我們的主說過 “你們若不吃人子的肉,不喝祂的血,在你們內,便沒有生命。”。成千上萬的人選擇與耶穌擦身而過。我們用我們的腳奔向罪惡,而不用它尋求真理。我們追求相反天主的事物,像浪子一樣的離家出走。然而我們的主卻允許自己被釘在十字架上。這雙被釘在十字架上的腳,走向你和我,走向女人、男人和所有的罪人。所以,我親愛的兄弟姐妹們,這就是為什麼我們的腳需要得到醫治。


親愛的兄弟姐妹們,我們的傷就是這樣在主耶穌受的傷內治癒的。 我們所有的,都已經飽和,而且可能充滿了罪惡。 因為我們已經依照自己的思慮、手、腳、和心意行走了很久。那個走進Mission 教堂的女人,生命破碎了,心破碎了,手被撕成了碎片 ,腳不知道要往哪裡去。她的思慮,她的生活都破碎了。 她來到仁慈的主的身邊,得到了治癒。 所以朋友們,今天當我們接近十字架時,讓我們勇敢的向祂伸出手,擁抱祂。因為主耶穌在十字架上向我們伸出手來擁抱我們。祂伸出祂的手。看著我們,流淚的臉對著天父說“原諒祂們,因為他們不知道自己做了什麼”。願天主醫治我們所有的人。