The Seven Last Words of Christ

Reading:Luke 23:33 - 23:38 The first word: Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.

To sin is human, to forgive is divine. So, my dear brothers and sisters, the first words of our Lord, he asks his heavenly father to forgive you and I. Because of our sins, he was crucified. At this moment. I ask you to recall those who have hurt you, those who have a grudge against you. those you have hurt. At this moment, we ask God for his forgiveness. and we forgive those who trespass against us. because to sin is human, to forgive is divine

Reading:Luke 23:39 - 23:43 The second word:Amen, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise

Both thieves were criminals. They spent their lives stealing, cheating, and hurting people. They were crucified with Jesus due to their sins. They get caught, now, each of them face the same Lord and savior. One denied and challenged, the other accepted and asked for forgiveness. Blessed are those who humbly ask for forgiveness, the kingdom of God is theirs. As our Lord promised to the thief, asking for forgiveness and asking for the admission into the heavenly kingdom. is welcomed by our Lord. When we forgive, when we accept forgiveness, the gate of heaven is open for all, both the forgiven and the one who forgives.

Reading: John 19:25 - 19:27 The third word:Woman, behold, your son.

Our Lord Jesus asks those who follow him to pick up the cross daily, and follow him. You know well that carrying the cross is not an easy thing. Suffering terminal cancer, suffering abandonment, suffering poverty, suffering mental and physical sickness, or suffering a toxic relationship, could be a very difficult cross to carry. Sometimes, we feel alone. In the gospel of Saint John, our Lord Jesus entrusted the blessed mother to the beloved disciple. The beloved disciple has no name, because he is you, and I. We have been entrusted an amazing mother of God and of humanity, our blessed mother, Mary. Remembering devotion to our blessed mother is a surest path leading to christ. Therefore, we feel confident, encouraged by her, to carry out cross through life, in following Jesus. So thank God for our beloved mother.

Reading: Mathew 27:45 - 27:50 The fourth word:My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?

“My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?” How many times in our times of need, times of difficulty, we cry out to God, a similar thing. Recently I had a conversation with a mother who has an autistic son. Her life is almost turned upside down. She does not know for sure what the future might look like. Difficult to accept the reality. The entire family even attempted, or at least thought in their heart and mind, that they wanted to end the misery. Calling on God, did not hear anything. Looking around life seems hopeless.

Our Lord voices this anguish of the human heart. When we are alone, hopeless, and yet, this is the cry that he had done on our behalf. Letting us know that he is in solidarity with us. He's not abandoning you and I. In our misery, in our pain, in our suffering. He is close by. The good Lord did not and will not allow us to carry the cross alone. He wants us to call on him, and know that with his grace, with his strength, we could carry the cross all the way to the end.

At the end of our conversation with this mother, she realized that as soon as she cried out to God, asking him, even though everything looked hopeless and deemed, she realized an amazing lesson. She and her husband no longer focus on materialistic things. Instead, they focus on family values, relationships, and what meaningful things they could do for one another. Instead of focusing on their own needs, they realize that people are important in their lives, and start connecting with others. And realize God is calling them, God is journeying with them. they no longer have that idea of ending their lives all. together thinking misery will end as such. Now she's happy to know God is with her. Perhaps my dear brothers and sisters, we could cry to God, like our Lord Jesus, but don't ever forget our Lord carries the cross with us, for us, and because of us.

Reading: 3210 - 3240 John 19:28 - 19:29 The fifth word:I thirst

St. Francis of Assisi did not know what God wanted him to do, until he encountered a leper, until he realized that he needed to rebuild his church, God's church. He needed to go out to call people home. Mother Teresa of Kakada did not know for sure what God wanted her to do, until she heard the words of our Lord from the cross crying out to her “I thirst”. “I thirst”, the good Lord is not thirsting for water. The good Lord is thirsting for souls, he's thirsting for love, his thirsting for you and for me. Mother Teresa of Kakara became a missionary to the poor. It is not so much about food that they need, It is not so much about water that they thirst, it's actually the human belonging, human relationship, kindness, love, compassion. That is what they long for. That's the reason why our Lord Jesus identified himself with all those who thirst for water, or those who hunger for food, or those who need cloth,

as in the gospel of Saint Matthew Chapter 25. Our Lord Jesus will let us know, at the end of the day, you and I will be judged based on what and how much we have paid attention to the thirst, to the hunger in the hearts of those who do not have God, or in the hearts of those who have not yet encountered the mercy, compassion, love, kindness of others. So my dear brothers and sisters, if we hear our Lord crying out today “I thirst”,he is thirsting for you, for me, for us all.

Reading: John 19:30 The six word:It is finished

What was finished? Was Jesus a sore loser? Was it a losing cry of a defeated man on the cross? a criminal? or is it a triumphant cry? “It's finished”, We have done it, I have done it, we have accomplished what we set out to do.

Our Lord repeatedly told his disciples the hour will come when the son of man will be glorified, when the mystery of God's salvation unveiled to all to see. It's finished, it's accomplished. What is accomplished together with a thief on the cross, and the centurion who crucified him. We realize what's finished here is actually the beginning of a new era of God's salvation. The repentant thief discovers Jesus as his savior, he enters into the heavenly kingdom. The centurion came and checked out Jesus, found out he died. Bow down on his knees, crying out loud: this is an innocent man, this is the Lord, a true God and savior.

So my dear brothers and sisters, it's finished. The devil's reign is finished. The plan of God has started. that is no longer taking hostage. You and I, we belong to Christ, we belong to life, we belong to him and him alone. We have seen God on the cross, it's finished.

Reading: Luke 23:44 - 23:49 The last word:Father, into your hands I commend my spirit

Our Lord's final word “Father into your hands, I commend my spirit”. At that moment, the veil in the temple was torn. The Hebrew people believed no one could survive, if facing God face to face. Therefore, in the temple they have a big gigantic curtain, to block the vision, to block the people from seeing the holy of holies. Incense being used to darken, to blurt the vision, people couldn't see clearly. Because they believe if they see God face to face they shall die. God remains a mystery. Now, at this moment when the son of God dies on the cross, the mysteries of God are no longer a secret. It has been unveiled. The curtain was torn in two, death makes it accessible to eternal life.

Once upon a time, death was a sentence to those who committed sins. Thanks to the death of our Lord, death becomes a moment of transition into eternal life for those who believe in christ. Because in baptism, we would die, we die with him. And in the moment of the cross, we unite with him and therefore, we enjoy eternal life. My dear brothers and sisters, look at our life, look at our finality, look at our end through the lense of faith, through the lense of the cross, to the lense of our Lord Jesus' death, so that we are not afraid of embracing death. We are not afraid of facing it head on. so that we don't have to waste so much energy to be fearful of death. Instead, live a good life, live a good life and follow our Lord in such a way that we could proudly say: I am his disciple. I am confident that where my redeemer lives I shall be with him. Death, where are you? Where is your sting? Saint Paul cries out. The death of our Lord, and his promised resurrection will be ours. We entrusted our life into the merciful hands of our heavenly father. we'll learn from our Lord Jesus to have confidence, and therefore live our life in such a manner. We have been saved by grace. We have been saved by the beloved savior, and we are his beloved children. Heaven is where we're going home.


第一句話:「父啊!寬赦他們罷!因為他們不知道他們做的是什麼。」路加 23:33 - 23:38 他們既到了那名叫髑髏的地方,就在那裏把耶穌釘在十字架上;也釘了那兩個凶犯:一個在右邊,一個在左邊。耶穌說:「父啊!寬赦他們罷!因為他們不知道他們做的是什麼。」他們拈鬮分了祂的衣服。民眾站着觀望。首領們嗤笑說:「別人,祂救了;如果這人是天主的受傅者,被選者,就救祂自己罷!」兵士也戲弄祂,前來把醋給祂遞上去,說:「如果你是猶太人的君王,就救你自己罷!」在祂上頭還有一塊用希臘、拉丁及希伯來文字寫的罪狀牌:「這是猶太人的君王。」

講道: 犯罪是人的本性,而寬恕是神聖的。 我親愛的兄弟姐妹們,主在十字架上的第一句話,就是請求天父原諒我們。為了我們的罪,耶穌被釘在十字架上還是為我們求情。 在這一刻。,讓我們將那些傷害過我們的人,懷恨我們的人,和那些我們傷害過的人,放在心上,祈求我們能寬恕那些侵犯我們的人,也祈求天主寬恕我們。 因為犯罪是人的本性,而寬恕是神聖的。

第二句話:「我實在告訴你:今天你就要與我一同在樂園裏。」路加 23:39 - 23:43 懸掛着的凶犯中,有一個侮辱耶穌說:「你不是默西亞嗎?救救你自己和我們罷!」另一個凶犯應聲責斥他說:「你既然受同樣的刑罰,連天主你都不怕嗎?這對我們是理所當然的,因為我們所受的,正配我們所行的;但是,這個人從未做過什麼不正當的事。」隨後說:「耶穌,當你來為王時,請你紀念我!」耶穌給他說:「我實在告訴你:今天你就要與我一同在樂園裏。」

講道: 這兩個強盜都是罪犯,一生都在偷竊、欺騙和傷害人。他們犯罪被抓,與耶穌一樣都釘在十字架上。 這兩個強盜面臨世界的主宰和救主。 一個不認罪並向天主挑戰。另一個認罪接受懲罰,謙卑的尋求耶穌的寬恕。仁慈的主寬恕了認罪的強盜,並且接受他進入天國。當我們寬恕侵犯我們的人,或被人寬恕時,天堂之門就向著我們敞開。

第三句話:「女人,看,妳的兒子!」若望 19:25 - 19:27 在耶穌的十字架傍,站着祂的母親和祂母親的姊妹,還有克羅帕的妻子瑪利亞和瑪利亞瑪達肋納。耶穌看見母親,又看見祂所愛的門徒站在旁邊,就對母親說:「女人,看,妳的兒子!」然後,又對那門徒說:「看,你的母親!」就從那時起,那門徒把她接到自己家裏。

講道: 耶穌要求祂的門徒們每天背起十字架來跟隨祂。背十字架不是一件容易的事。 得了末期癌症、患有精神或身體上的疾病,正在受虐的關係中,或被人遺棄,都是非常難以背負的十字架。 我們時時會感到孤獨絕望。在這裡,若望福音告訴我們,耶穌將祂真福的母親托付給祂心愛的門徒。這個沒有名字的愛徒,就是你和我。耶穌將這位偉大的天主和人類之母,聖母瑪利亞,交付給我們。我們要切記,經由聖母的奉獻是通達基督最可靠的路徑。因此,我們有信心,在聖母的陪侍下,我們能夠背起自己的十字架來跟隨祂。 感謝天主,賜給了我們祂心愛的母親。

第四句話:「我的天主,我的天主!你為什麼捨棄了我?」 瑪竇 27:45 - 27:50 從第六時辰起,直到第九時辰,遍地都黑暗了。約莫第九時辰,耶穌大聲喊說:「厄里、厄里,肋瑪撒巴黑塔尼!」就是說:「我的天主,我的天主!ㄋˊ為什麼捨棄了我?」站在那裏的人中,有幾個聽見了就說:「這人呼喚厄里亞呢!」他們中遂有一個立即跑去,拿了海綿,浸滿了醋,綁在蘆葦上,遞給祂喝。其餘的人卻說:「等一等,我們看,是否厄里亞來救祂!」耶穌又大喊一聲,遂交付了靈魂。

講道: 在我們有需要,最困難的時候,我們就是用同樣的呼喊向天主求救。最近,我和一位患有自閉症兒子的母親交談。她兒子的病讓她的生活天翻覆地。無法接受這個現實,更無法想像將來會怎麼樣。甚至考慮要結束全家的生命。她呼喚天主,沒有聽到任何聲音。環顧周遭,沒有看到一絲的希望。



第五句話:「我渴。」若望 19:28 - 19:29 此後,耶穌因知道一切事都完成了,為應驗經上的話,遂說:「我渴。」有一個盛滿了醋的器皿放在那裏,有人便將海綿浸滿了醋,綁在長槍上,送到祂的口邊。

講道: 亞西西的聖方濟各不知道天主的旨意,直到有一天他遇到了一個麻風病人,他意識到,主要他重建天主的教會,召喚迷失的信友回家。卡卡達的特蕾莎修女不知道天主對她的旨意,直到她聽到主在十字架上向她的呼喊:“我渴”。

主說 “我渴”,但祂並不口渴。良善的主渴望的是靈魂,是愛,祂渴望的是你和我。從此以後蕾莎修女就變成ㄧ個為窮人服務傳福音的修女。那些一無所有的窮人,渴望的不是食物,不是水。祂們渴望的是一個人的尊嚴。渴望有找到善良、愛、與同情心的人際關係。主耶穌將自己與所有飢渴的窮人認同。那些口渴的,飢餓的,需要衣服保暖的人認同。

瑪竇福音第 25 章中,主耶穌告訴我們,在終審判的時侯,祂會問我們是不是關懷並滿足了那些沒有信仰的人心中對愛的飢渴。我們是否滿足了那些還沒有體會到憐憫,同情,仁慈、及真愛的人的需要。親愛的兄弟姐妹們,今天,主呼喊 “我渴”,祂是在渴求你們,渴求我,渴求所有的人。

第六句話:「完成了。」 若望 19:30 耶穌一嚐了那醋,便說:「完成了。」就低下頭,交付了靈魂。

講道: 完成了什麼呢?承認失敗嗎?是個十字架上失敗者的呼喊嗎?是承認祂是一名罪犯嗎?還是勝利的吶喊呢? “完成了”,耶穌是在說:我們已經做到了,我已經做到了,我們已經完成了天主預定的救世計劃。我們的主一再告訴祂的門徒,人子得榮耀的時候將到,那時天主救恩的奧秘將向所有人揭開。 完成了,耶穌與釘在十字架上的盜賊,和釘祂在十字架上的百夫長一起完成了。 是天主救恩時代的啟點。 悔改的強盜發現耶穌是救主而認罪,進入了天國。 百夫長來檢查耶穌,發現祂死了。 跪下,大聲呼喊:這是一個無辜的人,祂是主,真正的天主,救世主。


最後一句話:「父啊!我把我的靈魂交托在你手中。路加 23:44 - 23:49 這時,大約已是第六時辰,遍地都昏黑了,直到第九時辰。太陽失去了光,聖所的帳幔從中間裂開,耶穌大聲呼喊說:「父啊!我把我的靈魂交托在你手中。」說完這話,便斷了氣。百夫長看見所發生的事,遂光榮天主說:「這人,實在是一個義人。」所有同來看這景象的群眾,見了這些情形,都搥着胸膛,回去了。所有與耶穌相識的人,和那些由加里肋亞隨侍她的婦女們,遠遠地站着,觀看這些事。

講道: 主最後的一句話是「父啊!我把我的靈魂交托在你手中。」 就在這時,聖殿的帷幕裂開了。希伯來人相信,沒有人可以面對面看到天主還生存下來。所以,聖殿裡有一個巨大的帷幕,用來防止人看見天主。又用焚香來使聖殿變暗,讓人看不清楚。對希伯來人來說天主是一個謎。然而就在現在,當天主子死在十字架上,天主的奧秘就被揭開了。帷幕裂成兩半,耶穌的死亡讓我們能面對天主,進入永生。