Sermon : Msgr. Simas

We've now entered the liturgical season of Lent. 40-day period for us to explore and strengthen our faith, and to prepare to celebrate Jesus' death, and resurrection at Easter. Today's gospel calls our attention to challenges we may encounter on the way.

Prior to today's gospel passage from the gospel according to Luke, Jesus is baptized in the Jordan river by John the Baptist. After the baptism, Luke tells us heaven was opened, and the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus in bodily form - as a dove. The voice came down from heaven, "you are my son to be loved, with you, i am well pleased"

Now, we come to today's gospel passage, Luke tells us - filled with the Holy Spirit, Jesus returned from the Jordan, led by the spirit into the desert for 40 days to be tempted by the devil. In the bible, spending a time in the desert symbolizes a period of challenges and growth. Such as the Israelites' time in the desert after the exodus from Egypt. while in the desert, Jesus fasts, which causes him obviously to become physically weak.

His first temptation is to make bread for himself. He missed his response to the temptation despite his hunger. After 40 days, Jesus refuses to do what the devil asks of him. He quotes scripture to interact and deflect his tempter. it is written, Jesus says "one does not live on bread alone"

In the second temptation, Jesus is asked to worship the devil, in order to receive power and glory, and authority. With Ukraine in mind, we know in real time what that temptation can lead to. unlike others in our time, Jesus rebuffs the temptation, quoting from Deuteronomy, "you shall worship the lord, your God, and him alone shall you serve"

The third temptation is framed as a test of God's ability to save. As Jesus is told to throw himself down from the temple, in order to be saved by angels. And again, quoting scripture, Jesus says "you shall not put the lord your God to the test". And in response, the devil departs as Jesus had finished his trials and resisted the temptations. Now, at the age of 30, he's about ready to begin his public ministry.

In these early days of Lent this year, today's gospel calls us on to reflect on challenges that we must face and overcome, and we know what those challenges are. Lent is often associated with prayer fasting, and almsgiving, acts that were the focus of the gospel on Ash Wednesday

When thinking about our Lenten journey, servant of God Julia Greeley offers us important inspiration. her life was filled with various obstacles. Beginning with the notably abusive, experience of slavery in Missouri. After obtaining freedom, Greely relocated to Colorado, and spent much of her time, much of her life, in service to the community. a secular Franciscan, was known as Denver's angel of charity, or angel of mercy. Greedy devoted her life to helping families in need, delivering food, clothing, and supplies. Tradition has it that she pulled a red wagon full of goods, and often made deliveries at night, so as not to embarrass white families who might feel ashamed to receive help from a black woman. Facing and overcoming many complex challenges, Greeley’s tenacity, her faith, and her service hopefully can inspire us to use this Lent for personal growth. so that we can grow closer to God, and closer to one another. With God's grace. we can do this with God's grace






第三個試探是魔鬼對天主拯救能力的挑戰。他要求耶穌從聖殿上跳下,以被天使保護來證明天主會拯救他。再一次,引用聖經,耶穌說『不可試探上主,你的天主。』來作回應,當耶穌克服了誘惑,並戰勝了魔鬼,魔鬼就離開了。從此,30 歲的耶穌就開始了天主拯救世人,傳播福音的使命。


四旬期反省自己的時侯,天主的僕人 朱莉婭,格里利可以做我們的榜樣。她的生命充滿了困難。當她在密蘇里州做奴隸的時候,受到了虐待。獲得自由後、格里利 搬到了科羅拉多州。把她的時間、大部分時間、都花在社區服務上。她屬於方濟各第三會。被稱為丹佛的慈善天使(仁慈天使)。畢生致力於幫助窮苦的家庭、運送食物、衣服、和日用品給他們。克服了許多的挑戰。她會拉著一輛裝滿貨物的紅色貨車在晚上送貨,讓白人受惠的家庭,免於因為接受黑人婦女的幫助而感到羞恥。格里利的堅韌、信念,和服務,可以激勵我們的成長。藉著著天主的恩典,在天主的恩典下,更加接近天主,更加接近彼此,來成長。