Mary, our mother can teach us kindness - Msgr. Simas

One commentator with reference to today's gospel: "Of course, Jesus said to his mother Mary 'my hour has not yet come'. This commentator goes on to advise us "don't try to use that excuse for your mother ``. It didn't work for Jesus either.

Saint mother Teresa wrote "Mary can teach us kindness". “They have no wine”, Mary told Jesus at the wedding feast of Cana. Let us be like her: aware of the needs of the poor, be they spiritual, or material. And be like her generously, give generously of the love and the grace that we have been given.

You and I cannot change water into wine as did Jesus at Cana. But like Mary, we can be aware of the needs of the poor - be they spiritual, or material. We have God's spirit to help us and to guide us.

As Saint Paul in our second reading reminds us of each individual, the manifestation of the spirit is given for some benefit. It is given not to serve ourselves, but rather to serve others. That is an important part of our DNA as Christians - to serve others. We best give witness to our oneness, when we are faithful to the commandment that Jesus has given us - "love one another as I have loved you".

You and I are made in the likeness of God, the infinite. we are in, we are one, and god's son. We are his body; we are brothers and sisters to one another. We are one family, so we are church. And it is as one family, as church. We gathered this morning to celebrate Eucharist. It is from here that we are challenged, to go forth and to live what we celebrate, the mystery of God's love for us. It is by living as church, the body of Christ, that we manifest, that we make known the gift we have received - the gift of god's love. As Mother Teresa and Saint Paul remind us, it is a gift meant to be shared, to be shared with others, in their service.

our holy father Francis points out in his apostolic exhortation - "the joy of the gospel" - The pain and the shame we feel from the sins of some members of the church, and on our own, must never make us forget how many Christians are giving their lives in love.

Let us dispel the darkness that causes us not to see and experience that most important reality. For example, God's love becomes manifest every time our saint Vincent builds a conference, or sister john Murray’s pantry helps those who come to us in need. God's love becomes manifest to our refugee committee, helping refugee families to settle here in the bay area. God's love becomes manifest to the work of our many ministries here in Saint Joseph, through which our members, many of you, give of yourselves and loving service to this community and beyond. God's love becomes manifest to the little projects our children do, to benefit the poor and those who are in need.

And yes, God's love becomes manifest when we judge others not by the color of their skin, but rather by the content of their character. God's love becomes manifest wherever we show ourselves to truly care for others.

Again, as Mother Teresa reminds us, Mary, our mother can teach us kindness. “They have no wine”, she told Jesus at the wedding feast of Canaan. And that is like Mary, be aware of the needs of the poor, be thy spiritual, or material and that is like her, like Mary give generously of the love, and the grace, that each of us has received. And god bless you




聖德蕾莎修女寫道:「瑪利亞,我們的母親,可以教導我們如何去關愛」。瑪利亞在加納婚宴上告訴耶穌「他們沒有酒了。」。讓我們像她一樣能夠了解窮人的需要。讓我們像她一樣的慷慨,慷慨地分享我們從天主那裡所領受的的愛和恩典。 你和我不能像耶穌那樣把水變成酒。但我們可以像瑪利亞一樣,關懷窮人的需要 - 無論是精神上,還是物質上的。我們有天主聖神來引導我們意識到窮人的需要。


當我們同心合意的遵循耶穌給我們的誡命,“你們要彼此相愛,如同我愛你一樣”時,我們就是給耶穌做最好的見證。 你我都是照著天主的肖像造成的,我們是天主的兒女。我們是祂的身體,彼此的兄弟姐妹,我們在同一個家庭裡,我們是教會。今天早上我們在一起共享聖體聖事。就在這裡,主基督向我們挑戰,要我們走出去,活出我們共享的聖事──天主的愛。


教宗方濟各在 “福音的喜樂”勸勉中指出,雖然我們從一些教會成員所犯的罪,以及我們自己所犯的罪,感受到極大的痛苦和羞恥。但是我們絕不能忘記,有多少基督徒為了愛,獻出了生命。 讓我們驅散黑暗的籠罩來體驗愛。我們中間有許多人為這個社區及這個地方,奉獻出自己和愛心和服務。天主的愛就在這事工當中。每當聖文森善會召開會議時,或若望瑪麗修女遊民廚房幫助窮人時,或我們幫助難民家庭定居時,天主的愛就會彰顯出來。當我們不根據膚色,而是根據一個人內涵的美善來欣賞他時,當我們表現出真正的關愛時,當孩子們以愛心所做的小項目上來服務有需要的人時,天主的愛就會彰顯出來。

德蕾莎修女提醒我們,「瑪利亞,我們的母親,可以教導我們如何去關愛」。 聖母在加納婚宴上告訴耶穌「他們沒有酒了。」這就是意識到窮人的需要。讓我們學習聖母的關懷和慈愛,並慷慨的去分享我們從天主領受來的愛與恩典。願天主保佑我們!